Ed’s Letter

Rachel Taylor - Editor of Go Local

Saving Seconds

We’ve all done it. You are heading somewhere on foot, and there’s a neat, hard-paved path ahead of you. But there’s also a well-worn track across the grass or through the hedge that will save you a little bit of time, and you take that route instead.

These shortcuts are referred to as ‘desire paths’ – tracks that have been made over time by the preferences of walkers. Regardless of what planners put in place, people take the quickest route, even if it means walking on muddier or less stable surfaces.

We all like quick. From microwaves and air fryers to a shortcut across the park, humans always appreciate saving a few seconds.

It’s something to bear in mind in commerce, whether you are a buyer or seller. If you are a selling something, the quicker your customer can get what they want (and this includes being prompt with communication), the more likely they are to place an order even if there’s a small premium. Amazon has built a business on it!

I think this is worth all of us remembering as buyers too. A busy supplier will give better service to a potential customer if we are clear on budget, what we want and when we want it. Again, this includes being quick to respond. No time-wasters please!

Rachel Taylor


The Go Local story

Independent & Proud

Go Local is an independent magazine and directory of truly local services for businesses and services covering Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge, Elland, Greetland, Stainland and Outlane.

Go Local was launched in 2005. The magazine aims to promote truly local businesses to local people – like yourself!

Local Values

“The magazine is run by me, Rachel, a local resident born and bred in Ripponden with plenty of help from our small team.

Having spent the first 15 years of my career working for large blue chip companies, I now love working locally for myself and getting away from the office politics and the rat race. I enjoy using my 25 years’ of experience helping local businesses get the right message and ad for them; service, honesty and value for money are my key principles.

Go Local isn’t part of a franchise or larger group, it’s an independent business. I love running the business as I’m naturally nosey and get to find out what’s going on locally!”