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Rachel Taylor - Editor of Go Local

Ed’s Letter – Never Just One Job

In a brief lull in my working-from-home day, I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee (and let’s be honest, to open and close a few cupboards and the fridge looking for something interesting to eat. My search was, quite literally, fruitless).

Sigh. The dishwasher needs empyting. I pile a bowl on top of some others knowing the cupboard could do with sorting. The Leaning Tower of Pisa crashes down breaking the bowl and another besides.

OK, fetch the dustpan and brush, sweep it all up. While I’m down there I notice the cupboard doors are looking a bit grubby so let’s give those a clean. Tip the dustpan into the kitchen bin which really needs emptying… and as for the recycling….

It’s never just one job, is it?

This is the life of anyone quoting for all but the simplest work in your home. What the householder thinks they are asking for is a job which is straightforward and will only take a couple of days; what the tradesperson knows they’ll get is ‘while you are there’ and ‘I’ve changed my mind’.

The reason you are given an estimate is because they don’t know what else you’ll ask of them along the way, and the cheapest quote which appears to be a bargain might have every extra and amend charged for, so do qualify that before you go ahead.

And one final tip for you. Inflation means prices are going up. The longer you leave it to make that call, the more it’ll cost you when you finally do – so the sooner the better!


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