Are you worried about a child? Has their behaviour changed recently, but you don’t really know why? It’s probably nothing to worry about, but if they are displaying the following characteristics it could be a sign that they are a victim of child sexual exploitation –

  • Out late or going missing
  • Being secretive
  • Always talking to new ‘friends’ online
  • Behaving differently; more aggressive, or quiet
  • Got an older boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Getting presents such as drinks, cigarettes, money, phone, drugs

If this sounds familiar and you are worried about your friend, or even if it sounds like something that is happening to you, there are lots of people you can speak to.

Even if you aren’t sure if what is happening is grooming, we would rather hear about it, even if it turns out to be nothing.

Child sexual exploitation can happen to any young person, boy or girl and from any background. Anything that has happened is never the fault of the young person and the needs and wishes of the victim will always come first.

West Yorkshire Police have specially trained officers who will always do their best to make things better and they won’t judge or blame anyone, but if you would rather not speak to the police, that’s fine, there are lots of other organisations that you can speak to who are ready and waiting to hear from you.


Useful Links

For more information and advice see the following links –

Child sexual exploitation advice for adults –

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CSE Party Model –

Sexting –

CEOP – Information for children, adults or teachers on staying safe on the internet

Barnardo’s – Cut them free campaign.

PACE – a free resource for parents and professionals which raises awareness of child sexual exploitation

Local Safeguarding Children Board for Calderdale –



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