Turn the Switch On and Off You Go…

Do you ever wonder how some people manage to lose weight really quickly and easily once they set their minds to it, whilst others are permanently on a diet yet never look any different?

As a personal trainer I’m very privileged to see this amazing transformation from someone who is unhealthy, unhappy, unfit, has no energy, no confidence, eats junk and generally has a negative outlook on everything around them to someone who literally glows and really loves life.

When you’ve been overweight and you lose weight it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. You look better because you feel better and because you feel better, you want to keep doing things that make you feel even better still. You have tons more energy and want to get out and do things instead of sitting and hiding away on the couch.

People around you notice and comment on how well you’re looking or, if they aren’t generous enough to make a positive comment, look at you differently. People are more attracted to you because you give off happy feelings and are more confident. We as humans pick up these signals at a far deeper level than you might expect! Generally life feels so much better – shopping is fun and you look forwards to going out and getting dressed up more. In a nutshell you like yourself AND are proud of yourself… and so you should be!

It takes a certain amount of commitment and determination to succeed when you’re trying to lose a good chunk of weight. There are pitfalls at every step along the way, but some people seem to manage to do this very easily. So why is that?

It’s because they have a big enough reason to make and complete the journey; they either have enough “pain” in their current situation OR they have a big enough drive to get them to their dream “goal” and succeed. Something has happened in their mind that propels them forwards and helps them do what needs to be done, even though most of the time it really isn’t what they would prefer to be doing.

This switch can be anything from not being able to fit into their favourite shirt or dress, getting tired when playing with the kids, someone they know being seriously ill or dying, leaving a partner or being left by one, to looking at pictures of themselves and hating them. The list is endless, but until you have a big enough reason “WHY” then you probably won’t ever have the drive and determination to look the way you really want to.

Find your own switch and turn it on and you too can get into the kind of shape you’ve always dreamt of being.

To your health and fitness – Jago