There is something lovely about a bright red telephone kiosk. Perhaps it reminds the older generation of when, before there were mobile phones and most of us didn’t even have a land line, we had to walk to the nearest one if we wanted to call our friends and family.

The one on the A58 (near HX6 4LL) was not looking lovely or bright red a few months ago. The paint was flaking and the door didn’t fit. It looked a bit sad, but a group of neighbours got together to assess the situation and decided they wanted to spruce it up. At that stage they did not appreciate how much work was involved. It has taken a lot of time and effort, but thanks to a grant from the Parish Council to replace the door and telephone signs, Cycle Gear’s donation of the special paint, and everyone’s generous contribution of time, materials, and knowledge, it is looking good again. Do go and have a look.

In return for getting a new makeover, this little red telephone kiosk has helped the scattered community come together. The box will be used for displaying local information and history, and there are hopes to have occasional exhibitions reflecting people’s interests and hobbies.

If you would like to contribute something you can email or leave a message on our facebook page (